Book Favourites

written on 22/10/2020
by Jürgen Sokull

Über das Gelingen und Scheitern der Liebe, über Vertrauen und Verrat, über bedrohliche und bewältigte Erinnerungen und darüber, wie im falschen Leben oft das richtige liegt und im richtigen das falsche. Geschichten von Menschen in verschiedenen Lebensphasen und ihren Hoffnungen und Verstrickungen. »Liebe und mache, was du willst« ist kein Rezept für ein gutes Ende, aber eine Antwort, wenn andere Antworten versagen.

This new book is not yet available in other languages than German but other books from Bernhard Schlink are.

During my studies, I met Bernhard Schlink as Professor of Public Law at the University of Bonn. I remember him as a sympathetic, understanding, unrestrained, excellent university teacher.

When he published his first detective novel at the end of the 1980s, it was of course natural for me, and many of my fellow students, to read his non-scientific publication and he discussed it with us students with great pleasure.

When Bernhard Schlink's novel The Reader (Der Vorleser) was published in 1995 it also caught my attention, and that of my former fellow students, shortly after its publication. We were enthusiastic about the writing skills of our former professor and had no doubt about having read an autobiographical book.

The reader became a worldwide bestseller. In the meantime, Bernhard Schlink has published more novels and tales, and when I read his books, I always have the feeling that a valued, good acquaintance, a friend, has entrusted me with his very personal life story.

With his recently published book Abschiedsfarben, which I would like to recommend here, I felt the same way. From his initial thoughts, the short stories about different kinds of farewells that happen to you over the course of your life awakened my attention, my compassion and my memories of my own farewells.

Bernhard Schlink | Abschiedsfarben | Diogenes Verlag,  2020 | ISBN: 978-3-257-07137-5

Bernhard Schlink | The Reader | Vintage, 1997 | ISBN: 978-0-375-70797-1