BAUHAUS; a marriage between art & design

written on 16/11/2020
by German Semester

On Thursday 12.11.2020 Serena Spinelli from Art & City held an online Art Lecture about the Bauhaus.

It has been recorded in case you missed it. Now you can watch it anytime you want.

Bauhaus is a word and a concept invented by Walter Gropius which has ultimately defined the visual aspect of our contemporary society.
Today we tend to think of Bauhaus as a style - we picture streamlined tubular furniture like the famous "Vassily chair" by Marcel Breuer.
We imagine the white architecture made of straight lines, cubes and flat roofs designed by Mies Van der Rohe for the German pavilion in Barcelona (1929). We may also picture simple, practical objects made with good quality modern  materials.    
But the Bauhaus was more than a style -above all it was a community of people who wanted to merge art with life- they wanted to create a better future for everyone... 
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