Pure Energy

written on 23/11/2020
by Martina Goetze Vinci

My painting is a continuous research which thrives on the desire to understand the essence of life.

A research about who we are and ”who am I?“.

My feeling is that we all are Energy, Light, Love. My Art has always been a mirror to this interior research and therefore my works aren’t anything else than reflections of my soul.

I wish to merge informal materiality and the figurative. Collage fragments, oil colours, watercolour, tempera but also acrylic, put on the canvas using, for the most part, the act of “action painting”, from the raw material in which I glimpse the idea of a figure or a “story” that I would like to bring out. (il segno?).

In the last few years, my research has led me to use colour in a sparing but still joyful way, to underline a progressive ‘break free’ from what is material and heavy, to find through this lightness, the dimension of our true self.

When we play, we are completely in the present moment, fully alive and express the essence of our being and desire. Life is the most beautiful game ever invented.

'Everyone has a fairy tale inside which they can’t read on their own. We need someone who, with wonder and enchantment in the eyes, reads it and tells us' (Pablo Neruda) ….and I also believe that sometimes, looking at a painting that vibrates in alignment with our heart, it makes us feel and see the story ….

Martina Goetze Vinci was born in Hamburg and, after her high school diploma with artistic profil, she graduated in communication sciences and continued to cultivate her passion for art, in particular for painting and drawing, attending the school of Wolfgang Krenckel.

Later she spent a period of time in South America and the intense colours of that world would become part of her artistic expression.


Back in Europe, attracted to the beauty of places, both landscapes and art, she moved to Italy where she continued her artistic training and intense artistic research, first autonomously, then attending the Accademy of Fine Arts “ Brera” in Milan.

She was struck by the Italian way of moving through life almost as if it were a dance, with lightness, elegance, sensuality and cheerfulness, connotations of which are seen in many of her works.

Since 2012 she has been exhibiting her work in Italy, Switzerland, France, Great Britain and the USA.

Martina Goetze Vinci currently lives and works in the province of Varese.

Visit Martina Goetze Vincis website to see more of her art.