Book Favourites

written on 08/07/2020
by Hubert Rauscher

Wladimir Kaminer, born Russian and naturalised German, tells us in very short episodes about strange experiences and encounters on a reading tour through Germany.

Particularly the German province yields lots of stories: he reports about the exciting life in Aachen and finds the dialect spoken in Rosenheim (in Upper Bavaria) more accessible than the one in Dingolfing (in Lower Bavaria). In Kassel he ponders on the demolished “Staircase into the Void”, from which you could easily fall off – into the void – and on pig’s cheese from hand-milked sows available in the health food store.

In succinct dialogues, brief accounts and with a great sense of humour Kaminer has created a hilarious and highly entertaining collection of oddities. It proves that the German hinterland is everywhere and Germany is different anywhere you go.

There is no English translation of the book available yet.

Wladimir Kaminer | Mein deutsches Dschungelbuch | Manhattan/Goldmann Verlag, 2003, | 256 Seiten | ISBN-13: 978-3442545544