Michael Wolf – Award-winning photographer

written on 16/07/2020
by Gabi Breitenbach

Michael Wolf was a multiple award-winning German photographer.

Born in Munich and raised in the USA and Canada, he is well known for his images of the world's largest metropolises, especially Hong Kong, where he had lived since 1994. He initially worked as a photojournalist, but in 2003 started to develop his own projects and has since then received several awards.

Wolf’s works reflect living conditions in major cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Chicago, and Paris and address issues such as population concentration, mass consumption, privacy, and voyeurism.

His breakthrough project, The Real Toy Story (photo above, taken at a retrospective exhibition in Arles), composed of 20,000 Chinese-made toys which he exhibited by attaching each one individually to the walls of the gallery with magnets. Alongside them, he showcased portraits of the Chinese workers who mass-produce the cheap toys for the western market.

His photography can be seen in major museums around the world such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or the Folkwang Museum in Essen. He has published more than 30 photo books on urban life, including his famous "Architecture of Density" on skyscrapers in Hong Kong. 

Curious about life, about art, photography, a sensitive observer who has perceived the world like no other.