Anselm Kiefer - creativity and cosmos

written on 28/12/2020
by German Semester

An art lecture by art historian Serena Spinelli, Art & the City. 

Kiefer grew up amidst the physical and psychological ruins of the second world war and the bricks, crumbled mortar and rusty metal insides of the German cities were part of his childhood playground.

Gradually this debris became invested with physics, cosmology and philosophy and finally morphed into the beauty of his art.

Through his work German history emerges from oblivion, silence and denial. The common theme which runs through his entire work is man’s quest to make sense of the world, no matter which nation we live in.

His canvases, installations, sculptures and landscapes are beautiful dances between the life and death of our civilization; possible answers to our existence. 

As such Anselm Kiefer can be regarded as one of the most significant living artists alive today.

Photo by Gabi Breitenbach