German EU Council Presidency

by Jutta Thielen-del Pozo

Every six months another EU Member State takes up the presidency of the EU Council. Together with the two upcoming presidencies, the agenda and thematic focus for the EU is set over an 18 month period.

This year Germany has taken up the presidency during a particular challenging time! Therefore a key priority is recovery from the Covid-19 crisis and setting a forward-looking agenda for overcoming the consequences and impact for our society and economy.

The presidency has set an ambitious forward looking agenda that addresses urgent issues such as climate change mitigation, digital transformation and will strengthen Europe's role in the world.


The motto „Together for Europe’s recovery“, clearly highlights that this task is too big for one presidency to tackle : Together for Europe’s recovery is a call for all governments, parliaments and  citizens in the EU to act.

Europe can only be strong if people have good prospects for the future, if they can see how important Europe is for them personally and if they are committed to the European idea. - German chancellor Angela Merkel

Link to the Presidency Programme 

With the DS2020 cultural programme, we hope to actively contribute to the important dialogue on how we can emerge stronger out of the crisis in the coming years.

We have adapted our programme to a digital or hybrid format and invite colleagues, friends and visitors to join us in the discussion on what it means to create unity in diversity.