by Georg Peter

Welcome to the German Semester Ispra 2020!

As you can imagine we had to change our plans for the opening ceremony of the German Semester and therefore we would like to share with you some impressions of the opening ceremony and the welcome messages from Stephen Quest (JRC Director-General), Ivan Kulis (President of the Croatian Semester),  Georg Peter (President of the German Semester) and German Consul General  of Northern Italy Claus Robert Krumrei.


The 140 garden gnomes, that are now occupying the roundabout of the JRC, are our mascot and perfectly represent the semester's motto "United in diversity". They were coloured by more than 60 colleagues and their families in preparation to the semester. You will find 2 entire football teams, Angela Merkel, Fred Flintstone, Obelix, and many more. It was great fun!

All photos: © JRC-Ispra

Comunicato stampa in italiano.pdf Comunicato stampa in italiano