Emoji Movie Riddle #1

written on 03/08/2020
by Heidrun Strobl

Emoji 🎬 riddle

For a change today we would like to entertain you with a different kind of riddle. :-)

Emojis have become an integral part of today’s communication. So, we are going to use them here in order to describe and illustrate famous German movies, films and tv series from the last decades.

Give it a try and join in!

Attention change of Mail-Adress!

Today’s riddle is an easy starter. Over the next weeks the level of difficulty will increase ;-)

Please send your proposed solutions to app@german-semester-ispra-2020.eu before FRIDAY 6th of August 16:00.

A prize will go to the submission with the most correct answers. In case of multiple equal submissions, the prize will be drawn among the first five senders.

Please tell us in your e-mail where we can send the prize to and whether you allow us to mention your first name when we are publishing the solution in the next edition.

Have fun!