The Wolpertinger

written on 07/09/2020
by Heidrun Strobl

Everybody knows about unicorns, but have you ever heard of the famous Wolpertinger?

These little creatures are the most recent addition to Germany’s mythical fauna. They live hidden away in the Bavarian forest and the northern alpine region.

Their story started 100 years ago when a hare and a roebuck fell madly in love and gave birth to their offspring, a little rabbit with antlers.

Once the taboo was broken, a rabbit and a duck, a marten and a pike and also a fox and a pheasant mated... The result: the Wolpertinger.

A less romantic version of this story is that a very clever taxidermist, a kind of Dr. Frankenstein for animals, designed the Wolpertinger in his workshop and sold them to naïve tourists.

Wolpertinger can look dangerous but deep in their hearts they are very peaceful and simple beings. They subsist on herbs and insects. Only their saliva causes side effects. Where it touches the skin, tufts of hair will grow immediately.

Whether this works on bald heads though, we don’t know ;) In any case, a bad smell would stay for seven years. But be aware! No two Wolpertingers are the same. Every one is unique! 

If you think we are joking, how come you can find this species displayed in the 'Deutsche Jagd und Fischereimuseum' (hunting and fishing museum) in Munich?

Or why is there an 'International Museum of Wolpertinger' in Mittenwald? Should you ever visit these places, stay and see for yourself that the Wolpertinger is an adorable creature.

It doesn't take much imagination to bring them alive!

Finally what’s the best thing about the Wolpertinger? It’s not pink like the unicorn!

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Photo 1: ©Hubert Rauscher,  Drawing 2: ©Rainer Zenz