The deutsche Gartenzwerg

written on 13/07/2020
by Heinz Heine


The German gnome is engineer,
constructing cars and drinking beer.
He feels so good in larger groups,
while eating sausage, bread and soups.

He spends his time out in the garden,
for adornment or as rigid warden.
From a distance gnomes look uniform,
but inside is a unicorn.

The common gnome, often for sale,
on the outside looks rather male.
Lady gnomes are nice and sweet
but rarely seen out on the street.

You may think that all gnomes are small,
this is not true, as some grow tall.
Gnomes cast long shadows as they go,
mostly when the sun is low.

Not all are blond, or if, are fake,
their hair is of a special make,
they come in black, brown, red and hay,
but growing old they all turn grey.

Soccer is his favoured game,
a pity though, because he’s lame.
He wins sometimes but often loses,
his ego's therefore full of bruises.

He dearly loves good organisation,
well-structured approaches and southern vacation.
His working days seem never ending,
but be aware, he is pretending.

He likes a lot to follow rules,
he learns this early in his schools.
If rules are plenty and complex,
he even prefers them to

The German gnome is a good fellow,
sometimes crusty, mostly mellow.
He likes shaking hands with everyone,
in Corona times that habit has gone.
While being long, his beard is clean
and while being German: He is EUROPEAN!


Foto: © Hubert Rauscher