Making-of a football team

written on 24/08/2020
by Candice Gärtner & Bernd Eckhardt

When we heard about the Heinz as a mascot for the German Semester, it was just obvious – it had to be 11 of them.

You can not just do one football player, the whole team is important.

Ballspiel Verein Borussia (BVB) 09 Dortmund (ball playing club of Dortmund) is one of the most successful teams in the Bundesliga and has the biggest stadium with more than 80.000 seats.

“The Yellow Wall” Europe’s largest standing tribune for 24.454 fans is famous and notoriously known for its chants and choreographies, which make the stadium’s atmosphere very special – it’s the heart of the BVB.

The BVB-gnomes have all been hand-painted with love and affection. According to the promise the BVB-Fans give to their club: Echte Liebe. – True Love.

Special care has been put to the details: the stars on the tricots can’t miss, they represent the titles won by the team in the Bundesliga, eight since 1956. Therefore the BVB has two stars.

Almost done, a little touch of green to complete the soccer-make-over of Heinz BVB Team.

Before going to the JRC round-about, the team had to complete a training session in the garden.

On the round-about they finally meet their fiercest competitor.

BVB, the runners-up of this year's national league compete with the national champion Bayern München.

Time for revenge…


Photo 1 and 3-6: ©Candice Gärtner, Photo 7: ©Bernd Eckhardt, Photo 8: ©Hubert Rauscher