Heidrun Strobl on 24/09/2020


Dampfnudeln are a legendary culinary speciality from Bavaria. They are easy to prepare if you are patient and not too inquisitive, because during the whole cooking process you are not allowed to take the lid off the cooking pot. Never ever!

Heidrun Strobl on 10/09/2020

Falscher Hase - Mock Hare

We are pretty sure that you already know the Milanese cocktail 'Negroni sbagliato'. But have you ever heard of the 'moke (or fake) hare', a dish which is served in Germany?

Peter Strobl on 01/09/2020

Let’s brew together!

Ever wondered how beer is made (strictly following the Bavarian ‘Reinheitsgebot’ of 1516!), but thought that’s rather for experts.

Jutta Triebe on 20/08/2020

Swabian Cheese Cake

Don’t get me wrong - In the recipe I’m talking about quark, but obviously not quarks, the fundamental particles in physics. But the cake is called cheese cake and not quark cake.

Candice Gärtner on 13/08/2020

Frankfurt's Green Sauce

After Easter, for the first time in the year, you can see piles of paper rolls on the market stands in the Frankfurt-Area. They are filled with 7 different herbs and the label reads Frankfurter Grüne Sosse or in Hessian dialect: Grie Soß.

Jutta Triebe on 06/08/2020


This is the story about pickled herring: in 1853 the German merchant and master brewer Johann Wiechmann from Stralsund started his small business and a short time later won 1000 gold marks in the lottery. With this money he grew his business by establishing a canned fish factory and opening a shop. One of his products was the filleted and pickled Baltic herring prepared by his wife Karoline in the backhouse.

Heidrun Strobl on 30/07/2020

Obazda or Obatzter

or Obatzda ? However you call it, this dish is a very tasty cheese speciality in Bavaria. It is an essential part of a hearty Brotzeit (snack) at home, in a Beer Garden or in a traditional inn. It is a kind of spread and usually served with a Pretzel, but also tastes delicious on a slice of sourdough bread.

Berta Duane on 23/07/2020

Swabian Spätzle – From Local to Global

The flagship dish of Swabia, a region of southwestern Germany, can be found all over the world. Not least because of their taste and the easy preparation with only three ingredients: eggs, flower and water, spätzle make an ideal accompaniment to meat dishes, e.g. goulashes.

Jutta Triebe on 16/07/2020


"I am a Berliner!" This saying is reason for many Germans of the older generation to reflect and is one of the most important sentences of the post-war and cold war years.

Gabi Breitenbach on 09/07/2020

Bavarian Potato Salad

There might be hundreds of recipes for potato salad, maybe as many as for Spaghetti Carbonara, and like Italians, Germans are quite particular about the ingredients and preparation of their beloved dish :-)

Jutta Triebe on 01/07/2020

Flavour Journey

Ostfriesland - East Frisia: But with cream please...