Leipzig's dark side

written on 23/07/2020
by Jan Loeschner

Since 1991 the city of Leipzig has been turning ‘dark’ every year over the four days of Whitsuntide. This is the time when the Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) takes place (Treffen means meeting) with over 150 bands and artists from all over the world.

The charm of the festival comes from its estimated 20 000 participants and venues all over the town – parks, cemeteries, monuments, museums, concert halls, fair grounds and of course squares and streets. Events comprise concerts and markets. A special event is the "Victorian" picnic.

The events during the 4 days create a platform for different styles, cultures and fashions. Nevertheless, the entire Wave-Gotik scene is characterised by a high degree of peacefulness and friendliness as well as openness and tolerance.

The WGT is a place where it’s important to be seen for the participants and where everybody else can see marvels of dress and style. The WGT is definitely a festival to be visited but take a little tip from me: book your hotel in good time!


If you want to see more about the Wave-Gotik-Treffen, click on the link to see a little documentary about it. It's in German with English subtitles.

 The video is a report by MDR KULTUR that attended the festival in 2017 and created this documentary about the gothic scene, the artists and WGT-visitors.

Photo 1: © Emanuele Mastrangelo

Photo 2: © Peter Samow