Tatort - 50 years on German television

written on 05/11/2020
by Annette Borowiak & Jürgen Sokull

Try not to disturb a German on a Sunday evening between 20:15 and 21:45 – it is TATORT time!

Practically every Sunday evening since 1970, the German television series TATORT (crime scene) has being broadcast on German television. It is one of the longest running TV dramas on German television. 

TATORT: "ROT, ROT, TOT" with Curd Jürgens (1978)

TATORT comprises a collection of different police stories in which local police teams solve a crime in their city. Customs and dialects of these cities and the unique characters of the police teams are the most important elements of TATORT. 

The team from Cologne: Schenk and Ballauf

The team from Münster: Boerne and Thiel

The concept of TATORT is always the same: someone is murdered during the first quarter of an hour – and at the end, the police team will arrest the murderer. The goodies always win!

The team from Stuttgart: Bootz and Lannert

The team from Munich: Leitmayr and Batic

Some teams investigate in a very serious way, others are more slapstick or mysterious. There are strict police women, conceited pathologists, or funny parents investigating a case. 

The team from Austria: Fellner and Eisner

The team from Ludwigshafen: Stern and Odenthal

All the police teams comprise strong characters with their own particular story and history.

The contribution of the national Austrian and Swiss television with their police teams and broadcasts puts TATORT into a little European perspective….

The team from Berlin: Rubin and Karow

The team from Hamburg and surroundings: Falke and Grosz 

You might have heard the famous theme music of TATORT from Klaus Doldinger: 

Next TATORT Dresden: PARASOMNIA  -  Das Erste, Sunday 15.11.2020 at 20:15

with Gorniak and Schnabel

and there is also TATORT to listen

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