Under the Christmas Tree: Puzzles and Games from Ravensburg

written on 16/11/2020
by Berta Duane

No other German city has as many ambassadors as Ravensburg, “The city of towers and gates”, also referred to as “Stadt der Spiele” (town of games), between Lake Constance and Allgaeu.

This medieval city with 50.000 residents is home to Ravensburger, the trademark with the blue triangle, world famous for its jigsaw puzzles and board games. 

Despite the popularity of computer games and play stations, puzzles and classic board games are still one of the favourite leisure activities.

A recent survey shows that about 33 million Germans play board games (Gesellschaftsspiele), around 5.6 million regularly.

The rising popularity of analogue gaming also shows in the increasing turnover of Ravensburger Group with last year´s record of 524 Million Euro, a 6.7% increase compared to the previous year.

Enjoyment. Education. Togetherness. Since 1883

In 1883, encouraged by educational reforms, Otto Maier founded a publishing house in Ravensburg with the goal of combining entertainment and education. The initial product range included educational and family games, how-to books and children´s stories.

In 1884, the game began with “A Trip Around the World”, like all products in line with the publisher´s quality commitment “nothing but the best”.

The blue triangle trademark was introduced in 1974.

In the 1980s, Ravensburger started to develop electronic games but the focus remained with classical games.

Ravensburger is the market leader in the European jigsaw puzzle market with its products ranging from a puzzle of 300 pieces to the 40.320 piece world record-breaker Disney puzzle.

With the opening of Ravensburger Spieleland Amusement Park in 1998, the region of Bodensee and Upper Swabia offers a leisure park with over seventy attractions for children and adults.

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