Michael Lutz on 21/09/2020

Die Stille nach dem Schuss

Rita Vogt is a radical West German terrorist who abandons the revolution and settles in East Germany with a new identity provided by the East German secret service.

Michael Lutz on 07/09/2020

Der Kuaför an der Keupstrasse

Documentary about the infamous bomb attack on a turkish barber shop in Cologne, in which 22 people were injured. But the investigations were equally scandalous - only the victims were suspected. Only years later was the attack assigned to the so-called National Socialist Underground (NSU).

Annett Wania & Michael Lutz on 24/08/2020

Wir sind jung. Wir sind stark.

Twenty-eight years ago today, 24th August 1992, in the eastern German city of Rostock, a rampaging mob besieged and set fire to a residential building containing, among others, more than 120 Vietnamese men, women and children to the applause and cheering of more than 3,000 bystanders.

Annett Wania & Michael Lutz on 10/08/2020

Duisburg - Linea di sangue

On Ferragosto 2007, in Duisburg, in the German Ruhr area, 6 youngsters from Calabria were killed brutally by a couple of gunmen. The massacre was quickly linked to the Calbrian mafia 'Ndrangheta and got a lot of media attention. This RAI production is inspired by the real events and follows two policemen from Duisburg and Reggio Calabria in their hunt for the killers.

Annett Wania & Michael Lutz on 27/07/2020

Deutschland 83

Set in a divided Germany in 1983, during a peak period of Cold War tensions between East and West, Martin Rauch is recruited by the HVA, the foreign intelligence agency of the Stasi, to infiltrate the West German army. As a rookie spy, his decisions constantly put his cover at risk and force his agency to take extreme measures.

Michael Lutz & Annett Wania on 20/07/2020


A breezy, colorfully styled comedy, "Almanya" is a rare feel-good movie about Turkish immigrants in Germany. It tells the story of three generations of a Turkish immigrant family in Germany, whose feelings of identity and belonging are put to the test, when the family patriarch decides to take the whole family on a road trip to Turkey.

Annett Wania & Michael Lutz on 13/07/2020

Der Mondmann

“Der Mondmann” is an enchanting animation movie for the whole family - after the children’s book by Alsatian writer and illustrator Tomi Ungerer.

Michael Lutz on 10/07/2020

Open Air Cinema Ispra

Good news from the Comune di Ispra! We will be able to show several German films during the Ispra open air cinema festival LagoVisioni 2020 between 16 July and 8 August.

Annett Wania & Michael Lutz on 06/07/2020

Die letzte Sau

We start the German movie series with a quirky summer road movie: “Die letzte Sau”

Annett Wania & Michael Lutz on 01/07/2020


Coming together is still difficult, especially indoors. So showing films in the clubhouse doesn’t seem to be an option for now. That’s why we have decided to move the German semester movie nights online, so you can watch the movies from home.