written on 01/07/2020
by Annett Wania & Michael Lutz

Coming together is still difficult, especially indoors. So showing films in the clubhouse doesn’t seem to be an option for now. That’s why we have decided to move the German semester movie nights online, so you can watch the movies from home.

We will be recommending a German film or (short) series once a week or so, using one of the following widely used platforms:

  • Netflix (Italia - needs a subscription)
  • Amazon / Prime Video (Italia - needs a subscription)
  • RaiPlay (free - need to register)
  • Online video rental of the Goethe-Institut (free - need to register)

Most of the films will be in German, with subtitles in English, Italian and sometimes other languages. Some films (especially those on RaiPlay) might be dubbed in Italian.

In addition, we are looking into other options for organising special screenings, e.g. in collaboration with local cinemas.

Of course, when watching films at home, we won't be able to chat about the film afterwards (as we could in the clubhouse). But we still would love to hear from you about the film and welcome you to share your views and feedback on our facebook page or by email to movies@german-semester-ispra-2020.eu