Duisburg - Linea di sangue

written on 10/08/2020
by Annett Wania & Michael Lutz

On Ferragosto 2007, in Duisburg, in the German Ruhr area, 6 youngsters from Calabria were killed brutally by a couple of gunmen. The massacre was quickly linked to the Calbrian mafia 'Ndrangheta and got a lot of media attention. This RAI production is inspired by the real events and follows two policemen from Duisburg and Reggio Calabria in their hunt for the killers.

Duisburg - Linea di sangue | 2019 | Drama | 100 min | Italian, no subtitles

After the exceptionally brutal murder, the German police ask their Italian colleagues for assistance. Commissario Battaglia from Reggio Calabria is sent (from his holidays at the beach) to support his German counterpart Block.

The unlikely couple gets off to a rocky start, quickly discovering each other’s cultural prejudices, and - when travelling to Calabria in pursuit of the killers - they get dragged into a long-standing mafia family feud.

The film is available on RaiPlay, in Italian only (partly with a cute German accent, partly with a strong Calabrian one).

Fun fact: Try and spot the “Germans” played by Italian actors and the mistake in the German news headline.