Die Stille nach dem Schuss

written on 21/09/2020
by Michael Lutz

Rita Vogt is a radical West German terrorist who abandons the revolution and settles in East Germany with a new identity provided by the East German secret service.

She lives in constant fear of having her cover blown, which unavoidably happens after the German re-unification.

Die Stille nach dem Schuss | 2000 | Drama | 103  min | German, Italian subtitles

The story opens in the early 1970s, at the height of the Cold War, as West German revolutionaries-in-love rob banks, hop continents on the run, and try to reconcile their left-wing ideals with the less glamorous realities of their daily lives.

Rita ends up in the East German equivalent of a witness protection program living out her "legend" (false identity) as a typical socialist worker. 

Now the year is 1989. The Berlin Wall is about to fall. Friederike is arrested by the police. Rita is afraid she will be next and fears she will be handed over to the West German authorities. One last time she goes on the run...

The movie is available through the Amazon Prime Video Italy.

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