Adidas v. Puma

written on 30/11/2020
by Annett Wania & Michael Lutz

Historic drama about the fallout between the Dassler brothers, which created two of the world's biggest sporting brands – and has split a German town for 60 years.

Adidas vs Puma | 2016 | historic drama | 115 min | Italian, no subtitles

In the 1920s the two brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler started manufacturing sport shoes. Adolf is a talented craftsman and his dream is that one day all the best sportsmen in the world will wear his shoes. Rudolf on the other hand is the economical brain of their business, handling sales and marketing. 

After World War II, they continue producing shoes but the relationship between the two brothers starts to deteriorate. Both of them claim the company to be theirs, leading to an ever growing rivalry.

A rivalry still existing today, represented by two of the most popular sports brands. 

The film is available on RaiPlay.

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