Das Boot (The Boat)

written on 14/12/2020
by Annett Wania & Michael Lutz

We close the German Semester cinema journey with the classic  “Das Boot” - a drama about  the claustrophobic world of a WWII German U-boat; boredom, filth and sheer terror.

Das Boot (Director’s Cut) | 1981 | historic drama | 208 min | German, Italian or Spanish, with German, Italian or Spanish subtitles

An adaptation of Lothar-Günther Buchheim's 1973 German novel of the same name, the film is set during World War II and follows German U-boat U-96 and its crew, as they set out on a hazardous patrol in the Battle of the Atlantic.

It depicts both the excitement of battle and the tedium of the fruitless hunt, and shows the men serving aboard U-boats as ordinary individuals with a desire to do their best for their comrades and their country. 

The characteristic lead melody of the soundtrack, composed and produced by Klaus Doldinger, took on a life of its own after German rave group U96 created a remixed "techno version" in 1991. The title theme "Das Boot" became an international hit. 

The film is available on Netflix (Italy).

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