and compiled Jürgen Sokull on 17/09/2020

ELPHI @ Home: Lisa Wulff Trio

The jazz trio led by the Hamburg double-bass player performs music from its new album at the Elbphilharmonie.

and compiled by Jürgen Sokull on 27/08/2020

Stars of Tomorrow @home

Julia Lange, born 1998, won several times the renowned “Jugend musiziert” Prize. Her very own style of combining classic guitar technique with Fingerstyle is striking.

Jutta Triebe on 22/08/2020

Godmother of Punk - Nina Hagen

I grew up with the music of Nina, who literally shouted everything out into the world that she didn’t agree with in society and had no qualms about breaking every unwritten rule and offending as many people as possible.

Candice Gärtner on 23/07/2020


Do you know Wacken? Of course you do! It’s a beautiful little town located close to the coast in Schleswig-Holstein with round about 1.900 inhabitants.

and compiled by Jürgen Sokull on 09/07/2020

Ludwig van - the Beethoven canon on ARTE

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, ARTE Concert is presenting the complete collection of its works throughtout the year 2020 – symphonies, concerts, chamber music, song cycles and stage music in unprecendented completeness. ARTE Concert will present all of this on the internet - with outstanding archive recordings, live streaming and current recordings. Beethoven's most important works can also be experienced on television through live broadcast from all over Europe.

Hubert Rauscher on 03/07/2020

The Spotify Playlist!

This is a collection of songs all sung in German. Most are by German artists, many of them are fresh and new, plus there is a selection of old gems!

Jutta Thielen-del Pozo, Jürgen Sokull, Edgar Thielen on 01/07/2020

VG Orchester Kell am See

For the opening of the German Cultural Semester 2020 we had foreseen creating an atmosphere like that of a typical little German festival with typical food, typical drinks and typical music. The idea of bringing a brass band to play the anthems during the opening and to kickoff the semester with a Festa Tedesca in Ranco with music by the same band came up and took shape rather quickly. The VG Orchestra from Saarburg-Kell, the home town of Vice President Jutta Thielen-del Pozo, were very enthusiastic and in negotiation with Jürgen Sokull, all details were quickly fixed despite the difficulty of finding space for more than 50 musicians.