The Spotify Playlist!

written on 03/07/2020
by Hubert Rauscher

This is a collection of songs all sung in German. Most are by German artists, many of them are fresh and new, plus there is a selection of old gems!

They are on the playlist because they have exceptionally good lyrics or are musically well above average, or both. We invite you on this journey through many styles of German popular music which, in recent years, has seen a creative explosion with many new voices entering the scene.

Now you might say, “the list is not complete without <insert your favourite song here>”, and you may be right, because even if the list is indeed rather complete, it is still a work in progress – for the time being!

If you would like to suggest one or two songs to be added to the playlist, please send your suggestion to, and you may soon find your favourite song on the playlist.

Rules of the game:

  • The playlist should contain only one song per singer or band, so please first check whether your favourite band is already on the playlist.
  • The song must be sung in German.
  • Newer songs (released after 2010) are preferred – we’d like to avoid it becoming an oldies collection.
  • Do not send links to other playlists, any other links or large listings – send suggestions for one or two songs you personally would like to see on our playlist.
  • The songs must fit into the collection and the editor of the playlist will decide whether to include them or not.