written on 23/07/2020
by Candice Gärtner

Do you know Wacken? Of course you do! It’s a beautiful little town located close to the coast in Schleswig-Holstein with round about 1.900 inhabitants.

It was first mentioned in 1148 AD, but archaeological excavations suggest a far older settlement at this location.

Nowadays they have official hitchhiking benches to improve mobility of young and elderly people to other towns: a very open minded and ecological way to increase public transportation.

This is not the only modern thing people from Wacken have embraced, which leads us to our next question.

Why are you reading about Wacken in the music section?

Because rumour has it that everyone in this peaceful little town is involved in farming, but once a year since 1990, over 3 days in July and August, income sky rockets for everybody! In 2008 the local ATM machine payed out 1,4 million Euro…

Of course you already know what Wacken is all about: mud, mud and more mud. Recently also beer-pipelines.

And this year a lot of people will miss this part of the heavy metal festival, 75.000 headbanging and mud sliding metal fans to be precise. But they won’t have to miss the music!

W:O:A (Wacken:Open:Air, the official name of the heavy metal festival… but who cares, everybody calls it Wacken) launched WACKEN WORLD WIDE.

From the 29th July until the 1st August 2020 you will have a unique experience: you can get a taste of Wacken at home and it’s absolutely for free! You just have to go to the website https:\\wacken-world-wide.com

Blind Guardian, Heaven Shall Burn, In Extremo, Kreator and Beyond The Black are waiting for you!

Wacken is such an intense experience that in 2005 and 2006 director Cho Sung-Hyung made a movie called Full Metal Village about Wacken, his citizens and their relationship to the festival. Currently you can see the movie on Amazon Prime in Germany or on iTunes

This text was inspired by Jürgen Sokull.

Photos 1, 3, 4 from the W:O:A Website