The greatest German Composers

written on 10/09/2020
by Lilly Wunsch

Richard Wagner and the Lord of the Rings?


All bubbles, no bath! Right? Wrong! Richard Wagner, self-declared artistic genius, seems to have equaled his boasting with talent.

Not only did Prince Ludwig II of Bavaria keep him for years as his court composer, but also decorated several of his palaces with scenes from Wagner's famous operas, i.a. in the lovely cave “Venusgrotte” which Ludwig II had built into his beautiful small summer palace „Schloss Linderhof“. 

He would enjoy Wagner’s works from a small boat floating in the middle of a small lake inside the cave.

Among his major works is the Nibelungen Saga, an opera trilogy centering around the famous Nibelungen treasure and a ring that will doom whoever wears it, such as the invincible demigod Siegfried and finally the entire world of ancient German Gods.

Sounds a lot like Tolkien? On the contrary, it’s part of ancient German Saga.

Wagner’s works can still be heard in opera houses all around the world or at the prestigious Bayreuther Festspiele, an event Wagner himself designed and dedicated to perform his works in the ideal of a “Gesamtkunstwerk” where music and scenery converge into the perfect artistic experience.

Soon after Wagner’s death, his opera house became and remained a place of political significance counting among his guests the German chancellor and government.

After being used for the purpose of propaganda  around World War II the property was assigned to the Wagner foundation created by Wagner’s very own descendants and such became a family-run business. 


Here some videos with Richard Wagners music:

Listen to The Ring Cycle:

WatchTristan und Isolde, production from 22.05.2020:

Watch The Flying Dutchman, a 1986 production at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus:

Watch 1978 production of Tannhäuser:

Watch Parsifal with English subtitles:

Listen to Birgit Nilsson singing "Wesendonk Lieder":

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