Ludwig van - the Beethoven canon on ARTE

written on 09/07/2020
by and compiled by Jürgen Sokull

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, ARTE Concert is presenting the complete collection of its works throughout the year 2020 – symphonies, concerts, chamber music, song cycles and stage music in unprecedented completeness. ARTE Concert will present all of this on the internet - with outstanding archive recordings, live streaming and current recordings. Beethoven's most important works can also be experienced on television through live broadcast from all over Europe.

Link to ARTE Concert List of the complete Beethoven Canon

With his symphonies, piano sonatas and string quartets, Ludwig van Beethoven laid the foundation for the music of a new century. He is a perfector of Viennese Classicism and a pioneer of Romanticism.

Have a look to ARTE Concert

Gary Hoffmann and David Selig playing Beethovens Cello Sonata Nr. 1

This video is available on ARTE Concert till 14.07.2020


From violinist Daniel Hopes living room German actor Ulrich Tukur is reading texts about Beethoven in English. They are joined by Sebastian Knauer on the piano. Have a look!

This last Video of our selection is giving you a little overview in German and French about the Rhineland, Beethovens home region.

Fotos 2-6: