VG Orchester Kell am See

written on 01/07/2020
by Jutta Thielen-del Pozo, Jürgen Sokull, Edgar Thielen

For the opening of the German Cultural Semester 2020 we had foreseen creating an atmosphere like that of a typical little German festival with typical food, typical drinks and typical music. The idea of bringing a brass band to play the anthems during the opening and to kickoff the semester with a Festa Tedesca in Ranco with music by the same band came up and took shape rather quickly. The VG Orchestra from Saarburg-Kell, the home town of Vice President Jutta Thielen-del Pozo, were very enthusiastic and in negotiation with Jürgen Sokull, all details were quickly fixed despite the difficulty of finding space for more than 50 musicians.

The orchestra was founded in 1990 by sixty enthusiastic musicians led by Erwin Berens as president and Karl-Heinz Willger as conductor, and went by the name “Orchestra from the VG Kell am See”. Today, after the fusion of the communities Saarburg and Kell am See it is called “Orchestra from the VG Saarburg-Kell”.

Ever since it was founded, the orchestra has played an important part in the social life of the village – no celebrations or festivities take place without the orchestra being involved and providing a musical frame.

However, both Karl-Heinz Willger and Erwin Berens wanted more than playing “just” at home and soon started to tour the world: Starting with the first tour to Grindelwald in Switzerland (1999), the orchestra played in Brazil (1997 ), South Africa (2002), Russia including the Red Square in Moskow (2005) Mexico (2008), Las Vegas (2011), India (2014) and Namibia (2017).

The orchestra was thrilled about coming to Ispra and playing at the opening ceremony of the Cultural Semester of the German Semester.

Unfortunately, the corona pandemic has put an end our plans. We had to cancel our planned big festive opening and the Festa Tedesca in Ranco.  Instead, we are holding just a small ceremony and we are very pleased that Kristina Marlburg will represent the VG Orchester and play the anthems at the hoisting of the flag ceremony.

Kristina Marlburg studied Saxophon at the „Conservatoire de Musique“ in Luxembourg and has many years of experience in conducting brass orchestras.

For more information visit Kristina Malburg’s website.

Here you will find more details about the Orchestra, its history, organisation, concerts and tours.