DRP 40065

written on 28/12/2020
by Heidrun Strobl

Think about a worst-case scenario in your office! 

Maybe your computer broke down. Or your colleague ate your last chocolate bar. Keep thinking. You are close…. :-)

For some obscure reason the lid came off your hole punch which had not been emptied for months!

The optimists among you take this as a chance to rethink New Year decorations. The others become angry about this total mess.

Which type are you? ;-)

The hole punch an ‘underestimated Product of German engineering’ is over 130 years old. Its inventor was Friedrich Soennecken.

On the 14th of November 1886 he got the patent from the ‘kaiserlichen Patentamt“ under the classification DRP40065. Years before, he had already invented the file folder.

For the young Ettore Fenderl from Triest, later known as a famous nuclear researcher, the invention of the hole punch came a little bit too late.

During a carnival procession, which passed under his window in 1876, he didn’t have the expensive rose leaves to throw at the masked characters. So he cut out small scraps of paper and let them rain on the carnivalists.

This idea enthused many and so found its way via Vienna and Venice to the whole world.

Today during the New Year’s celebration at the Times Square in New York, one ton of confetti is scattered over the partying crowd. How many hours do you have to hole punch for that ? :-)

With or without homemade confetti. We wish you all a Happy New Year!