Who was Jean Monnet?

written on 28/09/2020
by German Semester Event

Who was Jean Monnet and why he was important for Germany? - Thoughts and Reflections by Christian Langenkamp

In his presentation Christian Langenkamp will tell us about Jean Monnet (1888 - 1979): Where Jean Monnet came from, what he was doing in life, but also how he became the master architect of the European Community.

Last but not least Christian will explain why this french man was of major importance to Germany.  His presentation will also include many anecdotes about Jean Monnet and his work.


Christian Langenkamp is a German citizen who grew up in Italy. After his studies of international relations and business administration in Germany and Scotland, he worked for different multinationals in the U.K., Italy and Germany.

Later on he worked for the European Parliament in Brussels,  and for an agency of the European Union in The Hague. He has a great passion for Europe and is a fervent supporter of the European Union.