Get rid of your old phone(s) and help save bees

written on 16/10/2020
by German Semester

Did you know that in Germany alone some 200 million obsolete mobile phones lie around in drawers and not doing any good? Did you also know that these phones are a real treasure since they contain ca. 3.4 tonnes of gold and other precious metals?
SWR3 is a well-known and funky German radio station which has just launched an appeal to their listeners to donate their obsolete phones (see link here, in German only).
The idea is to either recycle them and prepare them for re-use. Each device will give rise to 50 Cents that in turn will be donated to environmental projects.
One such project is the protection of wild bees, butterflies, beetles and other insects in a large fruit growing area near Lake Constance.

We propose to join the initiative, collect old phones from JRC staff and family members and send them on to Germany for recycling. To take part, just pass by the Reception at the JRC main entrance and drop your old mobile phone in the box provided there for this purpose.
Be quick as the collection is only open in the week 19-23 October!

Caveat: Please be sure to remove your SIM card and wipe all data from your phone. This is best be done by resetting the phone to “factory setting” (“Reset” is available in “Settings” on most phones). Remove the battery if you think it is defect and posing a fire risk.