Conferenza Karl Foerster

written on 03/12/2020
by German Semester

Conferenza Il giardiniere Karl Foerster, un “influencer” del XXesimo secolo, In collaborazione con Garden Club Ispra, Relatori: Nada Edwards e Patricia Pazos

With the videoconference on November, 27th the Garden Club Ispra together with the German Semester 2020 payed homage to the German gardening visionary Karl Förster, who was a pioneer of modern gardening and an influencer of his time.

The presentations were held in Italian.

Karl Foerster inspired the Garden Club to remodel a piece of land along the secondary school of Ispra, following an original plan found in his plant catalogue from 1972.

Watch Nada Edwards, the moving spirit of the Garden Club, talk about the garden project in the first video.

In the second video, Patricia Pazos from the Garden Club introduces us to Karl Foerster’s life and his work as an internationally recognised nurseryman and plant breader. (Read her English article about him here.)

The last video shows the origins of the garden project plants and the woman behind the "Cascina Bollate - La Natura entra in carcere" project: Susanna Magistretti