Friedhelm Schulz on 18/09/2020


Position, Position of the Photograph & Weblink

Angela Stilianakis on 17/09/2020

Heinz Reist in Tübingen

Maybe you cannot see me immediately on the next photo because, rightly so, you focus on the impressive big old tower.

Jürgen Sokull on 04/09/2020


Aquisgranum – Aquisgrana – Aken – Aix-la-Chapelle

Jutta Triebe on 10/08/2020


The Federal State Hessen is located in west-central Germany. Wiesbaden serves as its capital and Frankfurt am Main is the largest of its cities. This German state is home to over 6 million people as well as a plethora of flora. In fact, 42% of Hessen is covered by forests, making it Germanys greenest state.

Friedhelm Schulz on 20/07/2020

Hidden Places #1 - Kriebstein Castle

Of course Germany is rich in interesting places, historical sites and overcrowded attractions. Under this heading we want to present the hidden gemstones, not touched by mass tourism but worth a visit.

Jutta Thielen-del Pozo on 13/07/2020

The Saar-Hunsrück Trail

The Hunsrück region, located in southwest Germany in Rhineland-Palatinate with the volcanic Eifel region to the North and the Saarland to the south, is a hilly region with vast forests. The mountain range extends about 100 km from southwest to northeast and is about 30-35 km wide. The average height is about 300-500 m with the Erbeskopf being the highest point with 816 m above sea level – and even hosting a few slopes for skiing during winter.

Dominic Wittmer on 06/07/2020

Wineregion: Rheinhessen

Germany's largest wine region in terms of both wine acreage and production is Rheinhessen, which is located in the German state Rhineland-Palatinate, and part of the northern area of the Upper Rhine Rift. It is bordered on the East and the North by the Rhine, and on the West by the Nahe River. In 2019, the area comprises 26.860 hectares, located in 24 collective vineyard sites, and more than 400 individual sites in the Rhine Valley between Mainz, the capital of the Federal State Rhineland-Palatinate, and the cities of Worms, Alzey and Bingen. This is more than a quarter of the overall German wine acreage.

Evi Rauscher on 03/07/2020

Deutsches Museum in Munich!

If you happen to be in Munich, make sure not to miss a visit to the Deutsches Museum (German Museum), one of the most interesting museums in the world for science and technology.

Veronika Dieterle-Stibig on 01/07/2020

Black Forest Hike

Black Forest 'Westweg Trail' - hike from Hinterzarten to Kandern ~ 75km In collaboration with the JAC Mountain Club the German Semster is proposing a hiking trip to the Black Forest: