Wartburg Castle

written on 10/07/2020
by Friedhelm Schulz

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In the green heart of Germany the towers of this castle dominate the landscape in every direction. The cross at the top remembers that here the German Reformation was founded with the first Bible translation into the language of the common people. And Europe would not be the same as we know without this historical event.

For people coming from west the Wartburg marks the entrance into a green world with gentle people, green forests and the best barbecue sausage in the world. Thuringia is rich in culture, nature, history and very good food.

You may visit the ancient residential cities, hiking in green valleys, relax in thermal spa´s, discover the traditional kitchen or admire the various cultural offers – museums, galleries and theaters, palace´s and gardens.

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Best period: whole year | more information: www.visit-thuringia.com

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Bratwurst, Thüringer Klöße and Rostbrätel