Heinz Journey through Germany

written on 03/08/2020
by Heinz Reist

Guten Tag, my Name is Reist, Heinz Reist!

I am a German garden gnome who has recently discovered the joy of travelling! I'd like to explore Germany during the period of the JRC German Semester and tell you about it, letting you know some facts and maybe encouraging you to see the places I have visited.

If you happen to travel to Germany, I would be very happy to accompany you.  My first trip was to Köln/Cologne, exploring the city and having a few beers! I am a well-educated and modest travel companion, so it is unlikely that you will regret taking me with you on your next trip to Germany!

If you can take me along, please let me know and spread the word!

Gute Reise und viele Grüsse


P.S. If you would like to improve my travel outfit, you are welcome to do so!

Foto: ©Evi Rauscher