written on 04/09/2020
by Jürgen Sokull


Aquisgranum – Aquisgrana – Aken – Aix-la-Chapelle 

Some say that the special thing about Aachen is its location as the most western city in Germany at the border point Belgium - Germany - Netherlands.

Others think it would be the beautiful old town or the Aachen Cathedral - Germany's first UNESCO world heritage site.

I say: The heart of Europe has been beating in Aachen for more than 1000 years.

The octogon of the Palatine Chapel was for a long time the highest dome north of the Alps.

Emperor Charlemagne with the European flag.

In Aachen, the idea of a boundless Europe of free citizens is omnipresent and practiced. Here the Europaplatz by night.

Aachen was...

... founded by the Romans around the birth of Jesus Christ.

... a free imperial city of the Roman Empire for centuries.

... known worldwide for the noble Aachen cloth.

... the coronation site of more than 30 Roman-German kings.

... the capital of a French departement.

... one of the most important thermal bath in Europe.

... a train station of the world's first cross-border railway connection from Antwerpen to Cologne.

... the first German city to surrender (October 21st, 1944) and thus became the cell of democracy in Germany.

The children's carnival and the "Hof" (yard) in Aachen's old town with view on the Granus Tower.

Today, Aachen is a young, cosmopolitan and green city with a Western European flair.

Brussels (120km), Luxembourg (130 km), Amsterdam (195 km), Paris (430 km), London (440 km), Bern (440 km), Bonn (70 km), Berlin (540 km).

Standing ovations at the International Charlemagne Prize:

Aachen is...

... the host of the annual International Charlemagne Prize.

... a highly valued scientific location with numerous universities of applied sciences, music and art. With the university of the Exellenz-Universität RWTH, there is a approx. 60.000 students in town.

... one of the main centers of the Euregio Maas Rhein

... the venue of the world's largest equestrian competition CHIO.

... still a popular spa town with his own thermal springs.

... home to one of the largest universitiy clinics in Europe.

... a place of pilgrimage with important catholic relics.

... the cultural capital of the region with numerous museums and theatres.

... a shopping city, pub town and the city of fountains.

And the good thing is: In Aachen everything is quickly at hand.

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Aachener Universitäts-Klinikum

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Dreiländereck, Hoogste punt van Nederland

Katschhof between Dom and Rathaus is the starting point for the German Unity Hiking Trail from Aachen to Görlitz.

Nationalpark Eifel

The oldest in use railway bridge of Germany - the Viadukt

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