The Aachen Cathedral

written on 04/09/2020
by Jürgen Sokull & Friedhelm Schulz

The Aachen Cathedral with its Carolingian octagon was the first UNESCO world heritage in Germany and is the most important landmark of the city of Aachen.

The cathedral consists of several sub-buildings, whose respective times of origin include the period of the early Middle Ages up to the modern era. 

Aachen royal throne of Charlmagne was built in the 790th by order of Emperor Charlmagne | Copyright ©Andreas Herrmann

The Carolingian octagon was once the Palatine Chapel of the Royal Palace of Aachen. Charlemagne had the central building and the western plant built towards the end of the eighth century as the core of his palace complex.

The foundation stone was laid around 795 AD and completed around 803 AD. The Carolingian Palatinate Church is surrounded by several extensions from later times. 

View into the dome of the octagon with the Barbarossa chandelier. The „Barbarossaleuchter“,created 1165, has a diameter of more than four meter. | Copyright ©Andreas Herrmann

The more than 1200-year-old Aachen Cathedral is a heterogeneous structure, influenced by many stylistic eras, which is characterized by numerous transformations, demolitions and additions. 

The Marian shrine, completed in 1239 in Aachen, is one oft he most important reliquaries. | Copyright ©Andreas Herrmann

The function of church construction changed over the course of history from the once Carolingian Palatinate chapel to the today's bishop's church. The collegiate church was the place of coronation of Roman-German kings from 936 AD to 1531 AD.

Devil and market women. According to the legend the devil lost a thumb in the entrance door of the cathedral, where you can still feel the pinched thumb – if you dare. | Copyright ©Andreas Herrmann


To learn more about the Cathedral you can have a look at the UNESCO website and the North Rhine-Westphalia Tourism website.

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The Photos for the Collage were released by the city of Aachen and arranged by Jürgen Sokull
Pictures in detail:
Aachen Cathedral Carolingian Octagon (Palatine chapel) ©Traveller100
Reichskrone ©Stadt Aachen
Fassaden Frankenberger Viertel ©Andreas Herrmann
Dreiländerpunkt ©Andreas Herrmann
Uniklinik Aachen ©Andreas Herrmann
Hof am Abend ©Bernd Schröder
Theater Aachen ©Andreas Herrmann
Öcher Klenkes, Urheberrecht Loni Liebermann / euregio-im-bild
Katschhof mit Rathaus  ©Jürgen Sokull 2020
Karlsstatue mit Europafahne ©Andreas Herrmann
CHIO Aachen Vierspänner ©Andreas Steindl
Weihnachtsmarkt mit Printenmann ©Andreas Steindl
Europaplatz ©Andreas Herrmann
Blick vom Lousberg in die Soers ©Jürgen Sokull 2020
Goldener Poller mit Herz ©Jürgen Sokull 2020
RWTH Aachen Super C ©Andreas Herrmann
Elisenbrunnen ©Andreas Herrmann
Aachen Fenster ©Andreas Herrmann