written on 05/10/2020
by Ute Stips

Fischland-Darß-Zingst is a 45 km long peninsula on the Baltic Sea between Rostock and Stralsund.  It is part of the third-largest national park of Germany, the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park.

Nowhere else do cliffs, moors, salt marshes, lakes, headlands, dunes and forests meet together in such a fascinating way.  It is a magical wilderness with its rustic forests, roaring sea and the silence of the Bodden; the local name for a lagoon.

The wild sea and the calm Bodden are very contrasting landscapes, but from the open sea you can reach the Bodden very quickly.  

The Bodden landscape with its wide reed belt is a paradise for birds and other animals.

Freshwater and saltwater animals live together in the Bodden's brackish water. In autumn there is a natural spectacle: more than 50000 cranes rest here for a month before they fly south. 

During the day they fly to the fields of the mainland, where they feed, and then at sunset they fly back to their roosts screaming loudly.

Low tide and high tide are hardly noticeable, but the cranes love to rest on the Windwatt, which is when stormy winds blow the water out of the Bodden into the Baltic Sea, exposing dry mud flats.

There is also the wild western beach, 14 km long.  The power of the wind and waves constantly reshape the beach. Tourists also love the Nordstrand, a fine sandy beach.

The old fishing villages and the artists’ village of Ahrenshoop are magnets for everyone. This wild and beautiful peninsula is fascinating to explore at any time of year.

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All photos: ©Ute Stips