Heinz Reist in Ingolstadt

written on 06/11/2020
by Evi Rauscher

My friends Evi & Hubert took me on a long trip via San Bernardino Pass to Bavaria.

Once we had arrived in Ingolstadt we went on a little sightseeing tour.

Ingolstadt is known for the Bavarian Beer purity law which was declared in 1516 and is still in force today. The city is close to the geographical centre of Bavaria and lies along the rivers Danube (well-known) and Schutter (less known and nowadays mostly flowing underground).

The medieval Kreuztor (construction started in 1385) is one of the city’s landmarks together with the “Münster” (Cathedral), the tower of which can be seen here on the left, behind the Kreuztor.

The monumental “Neues Schloss” (New Castle) on the river Danube was built in the 15th century by Ludwig VII Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt (aka “the Bearded”) and can be seen from a distance, even by little fellows like me.

Another impressive building dating from the time of Ludwig the Bearded is the “Hohe Schule” (High School) which housed the first Bavarian University from 1472 onwards and remained the intellectual and cultural centre of Bavaria for 328 years.


In more recent times, my friend Hubert had the pleasure of spending 2 years of his high school career there before his school was moved to a modern building.

Marabou Fountain,  symbol of wisdom, in front of the “Hohe Schule”.

The „Alte Anatomie“ (Old Anatomy), nowadays the “Deutsches medizinhistorisches Museum” (German museum of medical history), housed the first and one of the top medical institutions of Europe, which was equipped with a two-story anatomical theatre. 

Furthermore, the university of Ingolstadt was home to the mysterious Order of the Illuminati, founded in 1776. No wonder that all this inspired Mary Shelley to write the creepy story of Frankenstein who, according to the novel, studied medicine in Ingolstadt.

Heinz at Audi Forum Ingolstadt

Nowadays, technological breakthroughs come from companies such as Audi,  one of the leading car manufacturers in Germany. The famous logo with the four rings has existed since 1932, when the four German car manufacturers Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer merged into one company.

With the introduction of all-wheel drive, Audi revolutionised the rally motorsport featuring Walter Röhrl as the first and most successful pilot using this technology

The weekend trip to Ingolstadt, which I can really recommend, was full of new insights into Bavaria and its history.

And now, I am looking forward to my next journey.

Photo 1:  ©Evi Rauscher, All  other photos:  ©Hubert Rauscher